Vital Cinematic Sequences

Vital Cinematic Sequences


Vital Cinematic Sequences contains x25 high quality Sequences to help inspire Cinematic Music Production. From epic syncopated rhythms to elegant arpeggio sequences. All sequences have ModWheel and full Macro control to reshape and morph timbre, tone, LFO speeds and various other tonal fx.


The Vital Cinematic Sequences .vitalbank included new wave tables and samples to use in your own sound design. *these are only usable in vital, but can be exported as a wavetable for use elsewhere.


Included in the pack: x25 Cinematic Style Sequences for Vital All sounds heard in the audio demo are completely one note programmed sequences in Vital.


Please Note:


Please ensure you are using the latest version of Vital for these presets to work correctly. The pack was made with version 1.0.7


For windows users who might experience in the past zip files not correctly opening, right clicking and extract manually or using a 3rd party zip app has worked perfectly in those situations.