Midi Trance Leads | x24 Trance Midi

Midi Trance Leads | x24 Trance Midi


Midi Trance Leads has been designed carefully to suit trance production. Featuring x24 midi trance leads you can get inspired quickly with new ideas or using the midi straight out of the box.


The midi used in the Vital Trance Vol 2 and Vital Trance Leads is taken from this pack and are named the same as the presets in those packs should you want to use the same presets.


With Midi Trance Leads you can get started quickly, easily or simply use them to start your own ideas as a click of the mouse.


Included in the pack:

x24 Midi stems 


Please Note: 


A handful of windows users have experienced in the past zip files not correctly opening, using a 3rd party zip app has worked perfectly in those situations.