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How serious is mobile Music Production?

Mobile music production is huge at the moment and producers are starting to emerge creating a whole new generation of producers and music.

Are DAWs good on mobile Platforms

The short answer is yes, DAWs on mobile platforms are usable and have a moderate amount of features to get you up and running.

While these are more basic or cut down versions of Digital Audio Workstations they are still leap years ahead of the desktops. Let me explain...

In the early days of DAW development they were a new spectacle, bringing a digital world to the analog world. While most digital products were deemed a short trend little did anyone know the digital audio workstation would become the absolute center of all modern studios, bedroom producers and hobbyists.

The likely issue developers experienced will have been two things. One, software was relatively new and in its infancy. Two, computers were developing the “personal computer” which was also in it infancy. With these two combined the whole idea was in development and in both a hardware and software stance.

Now in 2020 we have advanced computing and software which is stable and widely recognized. The only challenge is porting or creating new DAWs to working in a mobile and touch screen world. While phones and tablets are power houses with clear advantages over their desktop buddies they simply are not there yet for a full transition. But this is not to say the day is not coming very soon, with iPads becoming very similar to iMacs in design we are not far off a world of 100% portable powerhouse devices.

AU / VST for Mobile Platforms

The biggest question is how many developers are going to add iOS and other mobile platforms to their list of standard releases?

While we have seen FabFilter and KV331 release mobile versions of their popular plugins how many more are going to follow suit? Like most transitions we will likely see a whole host of new developers drop into the scene as they snatch the gap in the market created by the very developers who have not fully committed. Remember Steve Balmer mocking the iPhone?

The ability to open seperate apps with in a mobile DAW is available and very stable from personal eperience. From Synthmaster 1 with preset loading in presets made using its desktop counterpart to Fabfilters powerful collection of sound shaping plugin, these are signs of the new world of mobile music producers creating great but high quality music.

Cost is a favor of the producer with DAWs and AU Apps costing a fraction of their desktop counterparts is also becoming appealing to the modern producer. The price difference may be linked to certain plugins being a cutdown version but this is not the case for the likes of Synthmaster 1 and Fabfitler. Even if the audio quality is limited that limitation will only disperse when mobile device become even more powerful.

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